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Toby’s Estate Indonesia PIK Launch Collaboration with Mamitoko

written by Admin February 11, 2019
Toby’s Estate Indonesia PIK Launch Collaboration with Mamitoko

Toby’s Estate Indonesia launch their collaboration with Mamitoko by Desiree Sitompoel at their Primary Jakarta location, Toby’s Estate PIK Avenue, North Jakarta.

Toby’s Estate is a pioneering Australian specialty coffee roaster at the forefront industry, dedicated to pushing the boundaries of coffee globally with a focus on innovation, sustainability and knowledge. The Toby’s Estate story started in 1997 on the coffee plantations of Brazil, Guatemala and Colombia, where founder Toby Smith learnt to grow, roast and cup coffee at the source. The founding passion to push the boundaries and create remarkable coffee remains the common motivation for the coffee enthusiasts that make up the team today. Commitment to uncompromised quality and freshness is ashared obsession and is the reason why Toby’s Estate continues to be a highly respected specialty coffee roaster.

Toby’s Estate Indonesia first opened their outlet in late December 2016 at PIK Avenue, North Jakarta and have grown to several more locations in Jakarta, Bandung and Surabaya; namely at Pondok Indah Mall 2, Grand Indonesia, 23 Paskal, Tunjungan Plaza 5 and their latest location at Mall of Indonesia; serving only best specialty
coffee, scrumptious all-day Australian brunch and delightful dining menu.

Desiree Sitompoel (Mamitoko) is a humble homemaker with great passion and talents in baking and arts, whose affectionate love towards her family, especially her well-known lawyer husband, Hotma Sitompoel #papahot and her children capture the aention of netizens. Desiree’s unpretentious personality truly affirms to one of Toby’s Estate’s prime beliefs, which is; to be as transparent as possible towards the community we serve, in order instill confidence and trust in our customers. Her daily life is shared through her Instagram account @mamitoko, where her candid, unscripted posts always gain much love from her netizen followers nationwide.

Desiree’s homemade artisanal cakes and pastry, incorporates a fusion of classic and modern styled baking which have grown crowd’s curiosity and enthusiasm. This collaboration between Toby’s Estate Indonesia and Mamitoko features one such creation i.e. Mrs. Desiree’s signature ‘Klepon Cake’. Klepon as we know is a traditional Indonesian dessert, well loved by the local community for its delectable flavours. The strong aromas of pandan, the earthy sweetness of palm sugar and the nuiness from toasted dessicated coconut in a single bite of Klepon harmoniously comes together creating a truly authentic Indonesian sensation.

Desiree has effortlessly deconstructed this very dessert, turning it into an elegant, minimalistic 3 layered cake, without compromising its flavours. Furthermore, she added her own unique touch to the cake by coating it with crunchy toasted coconut flakes, and topped it with homemade traditional Klepon enhancing aromas and authenticity. The overall look of the cake itself is indeed pleasing to the eyes, and thus quickly became the centre of aention amongst netizens. Although having a strong Australian trademark, Toby’s Estate Indonesia pursues and
embraces trends prevailing in the local market. Mrs. Desiree shares a mutual vision of upholding our Indonesian culture with utmost pride, by working around flavours which are popular amongst the locals. Introducing a modern version of the Klepon into our comprehensive menu, allows us to elevate these authentic flavours, at the
same time portraying our appreciation towards our culture.

It is with great honour; we would like to announce that Mrs. Desiree’s signature Klepon cake is now made available for customers to taste excluisvely at Toby’s Estate Indonesia. Catering for both dine-in and whole cake purchase of the signature cake, Toby’s Estate x Mamitoko hopes to bring a sense of satisfaction with every bite you take be it in our outlets or at home with your loved ones. As for enthusiastic foodies, it is our recommendation to enjoy a slice of the Klepon cake with a cup of our Iconic Australian flat white exclusively at Toby’s Estate locations in Jakarta. Toby’s Estate Indonesia is privileged to be working on this exciting collaboration with the talented Desiree all year long. We hope to fulfill your wildest cravings with our unique cake creation in this coming year. Be it a birthday, Mother’s day, or Ramadhan, our cakes will surely add a touch of warmth to all your celebrations.

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