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Exclusive : Amba Taipei The Best Choice Hotel for Trendy and Modern Travelers

written by Admin July 31, 2018
Exclusive : Amba Taipei The Best Choice Hotel for Trendy and Modern Travelers

Wherever we travel, either alone or with colleagues and families, it is a must to find a comfortable and strategic location hotel. Moreover if you are on vacation to Taipei, Taiwan.

You do not need to worry because the famous chain hotel in Taipei named amba can be relied on. amba has 3 branches spread across 3 different locations in Taipei.

Interestingly that 3 locations are in the touristy area in Taipei :    

amba Taipei Ximending

Ximending is an area in western Taipei that is very popular for travelers from all over the world.

Ximending itself has been known for quite a long time as shopping district and based on its history, Ximending was the first pedestrian area in Taipei.

And amba choose to set up a hotel in this fun & trendy area, and the hotel was named amba Taipei Ximending. amba Taipei Ximending has excellent rooms and attractive interiors.

The impression of modern style as well as minimalist presented plus Wifi quality that can be very pamper the guests who stay. And do not miss the coolest spot on amba Taipei Ximending which is located at chiba Restaurant which has a delicious selection of food and drinks.

amba Taipei Ximending is located at Wuchang Street 77, Section 2, Wanhua District, Taipei.

Website : www.amba-hotels.com/en/ximending/

amba Taipei Songshan

Meanwhile, Songshan is a district in Eastern Taipei which is also very popular among tourists. This district is an area in Taipei city that historically named Sungshan. The district is also located very close to the Sungshan Domestic Airport serving domestic and international flights (Japan and China).

According to data compiled by Travelmaker.ID, the district has about 208,000 (2005) of population and an area of 9.2878 km². With this data, this region become very popular as one of the tourist area in Taipei.

amba chain hotel also decided to open amba Taipei Songshan to provide cool lodging options in the middle of Songshan area. Moreover Songshan is known for its night market destination, Raohe Night Market is just a 5-minute walk from amba Taipei Songshan.

And the rooms at amba Taipei Songshan are one of the best in Taipei. It’s no doubt because amba Taipei Songshan provides rooms that offered a great view of Taipei 101 from your own room’s window directly. It would really be a special experience for anyone stay.

amba Taipei Songshan is located at Civic Blvd., Section 7, Nangang District, Taipei.

Website ; www.amba-hotels.com/en/songshan/

amba Taipei Zhongshan

Zhongshan is an administrative district of Taipei City. Historically named after Sun Yat-sen, better known in Chinese as “Sun Zhongshan”.

The district features many recreational areas which include Rongxing Garden Park, Xinsheng Park, Yingfeng Riverside Park, Meiti Riverside Park, Zhongshan Fine Arts Park, Dajia Riverside Park and Taipei Municipal Children’s Recreation Area.

Historical buildings and museums include Lin An Tai Historical House and Museum, Miniatures Museum of Taiwan, Museum of Jade Art, Suho Paper Memorial Museum and Taipei Film House. And located near by those tourism attraction is a very nice and trendy hotel called amba Taipei Zhongshan.

amba Taipei Zhongshan is located at 57-1 Zhongshan North Road, Section 2, Zhongshan District, Taipei.

Website : www.amba-hotels.com/en/zhongshan/

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