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EVA Air Launches Brand-New Cargo Website

written by Admin April 14, 2021
EVA Air Launches Brand-New Cargo Website

EVA Air unveiled a new official cargo website today at www.brcargo.com. The carrier used Responsive Web Design (RWD) technology to give its new website the enhanced accessibility and flexibility it needs to be responsive on a variety of platforms.

EVA has built it to deliver consistent services to users on different devices at the office, at home or on the go, using a mobile phone or tablet. The new website is available at www.brcargo.com.

EVA Air and Evergreen Airline Services Corp. (EGAS) both recently earned certification from the International Air Transport Association’s (IATA’s) Center of Excellence for Independent Validators in Pharmaceutical Logistics (CEIV Pharma).

The impacts of Covid-19, including trends toward working from home, changes in consumer behavior and booming online shopping, created great airfreight business opportunities. The new website makes it easier for customers to check shipment status and flight schedules while online booking functions make EVA Cargo more competitive in the airfreight market.

Demand for airmail delivery has increased alongside substantial growth in e-commerce shipments brought about by the online shopping boom. The updated and improved website also has a special free login function for those inquiring about airmail status. By entering an EVA Cargo Air Waybill number, consignees and forwarders can access current shipment status.

EVA also refined the flight schedule inquiry page to enable users to check flight arrivals and departures for specific dates or weeks in a more intuitive way. Enabling flight numbers as search criteria enhances flight schedule search functions. At the same time, EVA is continually optimizing online booking features to make the process more efficient and facilitate use by cargo forwarders.

EVA’s new cargo website has an arching, curved design. The carrier replaced straight lines with wave-like curves that make blocks of information more fluid and vivid. It chose bright background colors to make information easier to read and main functions and messages stand out for easier access. It also added Google maps links, enabling users to locate EVA Air Cargo offices.

EVA worked for more than two years to develop its new website with user-friendly features and functions. By employing the latest webpage design technologies and incorporating users’ suggestions, it has added features that make it even more convenient to search schedules, book shipments and track status on all types of platforms.

EVA is continuing its digital transformation as it makes every effort to always provide good customer service.

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