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Banten West Java Successfully Held National Championship Sprint Rally Tropical Tanjung Lesung 2021

written by Admin April 14, 2021
Banten West Java Successfully Held National Championship Sprint Rally Tropical Tanjung Lesung 2021

Banten West Java as the manager of the Tanjung Lesung Special Economic Zone (KEK) shows its strong commitment to making the KEK Tanjung Lesung as ‘Indonesia X World the 1st Largest Adventure & Nature Playground in Indonesia’. It proved by its success in holding the first round of the 2021 Cross Fortuna Nusantara Tropical National Championship (Kejurnas) at the Tanjung Lesung Rhino Circuit, Banten, from Saturday 10/4) to Sunday (11/4).

Yes, even though it is currently in a pandemic period, it does not prevent the holding of a racing championship to hone the skills of the racers. 180 drivers plus navigators with 95 racing cars were recorded participating in this national championship. Unmitigated all the legendary racers came down the mountain, such as Rifat Sungkar, Dolly Indra Nasution, Chepot Hani Wiano to Fitra Eri.

Most importantly, the event is able to boost the surrounding economy and is also carried out with strict health protocols so as to ensure safety for the drivers and committee involved. Where it is held without spectators, and the racers and crew are required to do an antigen swab test first.

“As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic which caused the cessation of tourism activities, it also caused a decrease in Banten’s Regional Original Revenue (PAD). From previous years it could reach IDR8 trillion, to only IDR7.88 trillion in 2020. Meanwhile, Banten’s regional budget needs in 2020 reached IDR13.21 trillion. The presence of the Badak Circuit which will hold 3 rounds of the 2021 National Sprint Rally Championship will also contribute to the improvement of PAD Banten. So that in 2021 it can again penetrate IDR8 trillion, meeting the needs of the Banten 2021 APBD which reaches IDR16.15 trillion,” said Bambang Soesatyo as Chairman of the Indonesian Motor Association (IMI) after the opening of the National Sprint Rally Championship Cross Fortuna Nusantara Tropical 2021, at Badak Circuit, Tanjung Lesung, Banten, Sunday (11/4).

He also admitted that he was optimistic that the Tanjung Lesung SEZ could become a tourist destination known for its sport tourism. This is due to the location of the Badak Circuit which is on the edge of Tanjung Lesung beach and is supported by beautiful natural scenery and varied terrain, ranging from gravel, asphalt, to sandy roads. So that it makes the Badak Circuit to be one of the best sprint rally circuits in Indonesia.

“Besides being able to be used for sprint rallies, the Badak Circuit can also be used for rally cross, speed offroad, motor cross, drag, drift, carting, to safety driving courses. Making it one of Indonesia’s leading sports in automotive tourism, especially for automotive championships with terrain. land. The more championships that are held, the more economic income for the people and PAD Banten,” Bambang explained.

Responding to this, Banten West Java also agreed with this. Basuri Tjahaja Purnama as one of the Directors of PT Jababeka Tbk explained that the development of Tanjung Lesung in the future will be directed to become Indonesia X World. Where will provide thematic tourist areas for tourists, ranging from aerosport, land sports, marine sports, to motor sports.

With an area of ​​1,500 hectares, its location close to Jakarta, and the opening of the Serang Panimbang Section I toll road as of May 2021 – which will cut travel time, Tanjung Lesung can be proud, both internationally and nationally, and support the economy and Indonesian tourism

“Please support and pray for this place to be one of the places where all automotive events can be held. And today, as a prove of the support of the central IMI, IMI Banten and all participants, we are very confident about this assistance, so Tanjung Lesung, especially sport tourism and motor sport, will flying amazingly,” explained Basuri at the opening of the 2021 Cross Fortuna Nusantara Tropical Sprint Rally National Championship.

The event was attended by other Directors of PT Jababeka Tbk, namely Setiawan Mardjuki, as well as the Head of PHRI Pandeglang as well as the General Manager of KEK Tanjung Lesung Widiasmanto. Also present were the Central IMI management, including Prasetyo Board of Trustees Edi Marsudi and Musa Rajekshah, Deputy Chairperson of Car Sports Ananda Mikola, Communication and Social Media Dwi Nugroho and Hasby Zamri, Social Commission Kombes Pol Putu Putera Sadana and Aris Birawa and Chairperson of IMI Banten Tubagus Roy.

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