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The Royal Park Canvas-Kobe Sannomiya, Opens in January 2021

written by Admin January 22, 2021
The Royal Park Canvas-Kobe Sannomiya, Opens in January 2021

On January 21st, 2021 Royal Park Hotels and Resorts Company, Ltd. opens the doors of its newest hotel, The Royal Park Canvas – Kobe Sannomiya .

With its stylish interior, the new 170-room Lifestyle Hotel wants to appeal particularly to couples and families who appreciate a stylish though authentic environment and like to connect with the local culture. Both interior and exterior design of the hotel embrace images of the ocean and the mountains which are surrounding the city.

One of the hotel’s prime features is an open structure, the ‘Canvas Lounge’, which links with the terrace. A great space to start or finish the day, providing tea and coffee, it is open to hotel guests and locals alike and meant to stimulate exchange and communication. The hotel is also planning events open for travelers and citizens such as Jazz performances, since Jazz music came to Japan through Kobe, other music events and maybe classes in local handicrafts.

Kobe, globally known for the famous Kobe beef, is the 6th biggest Japanese city located in the Hyogo Prefecture, Kansai, the western part of Japan. Less than 40km from Osaka, the Port city, which was one of the first to open to foreign trade in the 19th century, has become increasingly popular as a travel destination in Japan charming its visitors with a mix of cosmopolitan atmosphere and local Japanese traditions.

Sannomiya is the center of Kobe city and the hotel is located in a bustling area with small quirky shops and restaurants. Kobe-Sannomiya has a history of traditional and unique shops as for example ‘Maxim’. The famous hat shop established in 1940 has been providing headgear to Japan’s Olympic athletes, airlines and the imperial family.

The area Sannomiya is also well-known for its many varied international and Japanese eateries. Kobe is also known as the cradle of ‘Yoshoku’ which is style embracing Western foods with a particular Japanese-style adaptation. It emerged first in Kobe with the opening of Japan to the West.

“We are very much looking forward to welcoming our guests to our new hotel and the city of Kobe,” said Mr. Yuichiro Miura, General Manager of The Royal Park Canvas – Kobe Sannomiya.

“Kobe is truly a gem for visitors to experience with its open and welcoming culture that embodies both traditional and cosmopolitan facets. Being at a short distance from Osaka, Kyoto and the UNESCO World Heritage Himeji castle, it is also the perfect base to explore the Kansai area. There are hardly any lifestyle hotels in Kobe and its surroundings and we feel that The Royal Park Canvas – Kobe Sannomiya appeals to travelers looking to truly connect with the local culture.” Yuichiro.

Appendix: Convenient location

Accessible from 3 airports, Shinkansen and local train stations:

  • From Kobe Airport: 18min via Port Liner+9min walk.
  • From Osaka International Airport: 40min by limousine bus +5min walk.
  • From Kansai International Airport: 48min by Bay Shuttle and Port Liner +9min walk.
  • From Shin-Kobe station (‘Shinkansen’ high-speed railway): 2min via subway.
  • Within 9 min walk from other commuter train or subway stations.

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