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Eric Frechon Lights Up Manhattan with His 3 Michelin Stars

written by Admin October 11, 2019
Eric Frechon Lights Up Manhattan with His 3 Michelin Stars


Eric Frechon, Le Bristol Paris’ 3 starred Chef, takes the stage at the Chefs Club New York in an exceptional five day showcase of the finest French gastronomy – beginning 5th November 2019.

Eric Frechon in New York

People fly from all around the world to experience Eric Frechon’s legendary gastronomy at Epicure, now the grand chef is returning the compliment, taking his talents to New York for five days. Eric Frechon represents the pinnacle of the Parisian dining scene, for more than a decade he has held three Michelin stars, an exceptional achievement. This year Chef Frechon celebrates his 20th anniversary at Le Bristol Paris, and still his sincerest wish every day is to treat diners to an unforgettable experience. Join him from 5th November at the Chefs Club for an unforgettable experience in New York to carry on celebrating his 20th anniversary.

Frechon’s menu will be a brilliant exhibition of French gastronomy with precious caviar from Sologne and its ratte potato mousseline smoked with haddock; lobster roasted in its shell, celeriac spaghetti with black truffle curls and juice of pressed heads; Bresse farm hen poached in a bladder, hen breast with yellow wine, crayfishes, girolle mushrooms and sweets of giblets, legs cooked in a broth of leek, potatoes and black truffle; concluding with the intense flavours of cocoa beans « Guatemalan origin » with delicate smoked vanilla milk and cocoa nibs ice cream.

A gallery of gastronomy

This rare exhibition of Parisian gastronomy requires an exceptional stage, so it is that Frechon heads to the New York Chefs Club. Just as the greatest artists are exhibited around the world, so this Manhattan ‘dining club’ has established itself as a gallery for works by the world’s finest chefs.

Situated in the centre of Manhattan’s Nolita district, masters of gastronomy succeed each other one after the other into the hallowed kitchens, preparing limited edition experiences for knowledgeable and discerning foodies.

Paris hits New York

The great Chef will bring a bit of the Parisian Palace with him to New York. Uber trendy bar scene BAD – Bristol After Dark which shakes the Faubourg Saint Honoré nightlife, lands in  Lower Manhattan for one climactic event.  The off-the-wall chic spirit, “so Bristol” brings blue neon, Parisian DJ, a clash of cocktails and The party, nothing but the party. BAD is open for Chefs Club diners and beyond. Surprises too will be part of the revels, teleporting in a ribbon of rue Faubourg Saint Honoré… but shush, surprises are not meant to be revealed…

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