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Bejana, Embark on a Culinary Journey through the Indonesian Archipelago

written by Admin October 2, 2018
Bejana, Embark on a Culinary Journey through the Indonesian Archipelago

Bejana, the signature restaurant of The Ritz-Carlton, Bali offers an unparalleled dining experience, a culinary journey across the Indonesian archipelago, treating guests to the rich and exotic flavors of authentic island cuisine. Perched high on the limestone cliffs, views are as impressive as the cuisine is tasty with diners enjoying a breathtaking panorama over the sparkling Indian Ocean. Highly acclaimed, Bejana’s most recent accolade was the ‘Luxurious Scenic Setting’ award at the prestigious World Luxury Restaurant Awards in July.

Presenting a unique mix of five-star flair, and relaxed ambience the restaurant was cleverly designed by Burega Farnell, to integrate seamlessly with the limestone cliffs. A blend of traditional and contemporary Balinese design elements influence the interiors, where three distinct levels include the atmospheric Culinary Cave where guests can join fascinating cooking classes, and a stylish dining room with a romantic atmosphere created by intimate tables especially designed for couples. The lower level features an expansive open-air wooden deck, with cozy lounges and casual outdoor seating.

“Bejana embraces the tastes and the traditions of Indonesia’s rich culinary heritage, using premium ingredients to elevate typical dishes to a fine dining standard, and then enhances the whole dining experience with its magnificent ocean views,” says Karim Tayach, General Manager of The Ritz-Carlton, Bali.

The menu offers dishes from various regions of Bali and Indonesia, such as Bebek Betutu, a Balinese specialty of roast duck in Banana Leaf, and Ikan Woku, spiced barramundi from Northern Sulawesi. Local inspiration is also reflected in the bar where signature cocktails are composed with exotic island fruits, herbs and spices.  Think Sambal Bongkot Martini or Sambal Rujak Pelalah, a Bourbon Whiskey, Cranberry Juice, Spicy Syrup, Lemon Juice, Tamarillo, and Horseradish.

Chef Made Karyasa, also offers a unique market-to-table cooking workshop at the Culinary Cave. Beginning with an inspiring visit to a colorful traditional market guests join Chef Made as he sources the freshest local ingredients. Back at the resort, herbs and spices are picked from the Chef`s garden, and brought to the Culinary Cave for a fun and informative workshop on preparing traditional Indonesian specialties. The morning concludes with a festive lunch with guests sampling the dishes they have just created.

Bejana is open from 6:00 PM  until 11:00 PM daily and welcomes outside guests. To reserve a table, please contact the restaurant reservation

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