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Exclusive : Travelers, Lets Get Closer to Taipei Tourism

written by Admin July 29, 2018
Exclusive : Travelers, Lets Get Closer to Taipei Tourism

Taipei is currently the capital and the largest city in Taiwan. Lots of industrial and service companies including electrical and electronic equipment, textiles, metals, shipbuilding, and motorcycles that place its headquarters in this city.

Taipei City is a special municipality that is directly regulated by the central government. It is not included but it’s surrounded entirely by the New Taipei City.

It’s quite complicated indeed to understand the existence of Taipei and Taiwan let alone its relationship with the People’s Republic of China, but it is not complicated if you are a travelers want to understand tourism in Taipei.

Here are some important points to understand Taipei from the tourism sector:

  • Airport (Airport)

Currently Taipei has 2 airports serving international flights namely Chiang Kai-shek International Airport in Tauyuan and Songshan International Airport in Taipei.

  1. Chiang Kai-shek International Airport is one of the international airports and it is the largest in Taiwan, the Republic of China. Built in 1979, the airport replaces the Sungshan airport inside Taipei city which later became the domestic airport serving domestic flights. The Chiang Kai-shek airport is located in Tayuan Village, Taoyuan County, about a 40-minute freeway ride from Taipei city. The airport consists of 2 terminals that only serve international and international transit flights to Kaohsiung, so the airport does not serve domestic flights.
  2. Songshan Airport Taipei is an airport serving domestic flights to Taipei city, Taiwan. The airport is officially named for the Taipei International Airport, but after Chiang Kai Shek International Airport (now the Taoyuan International Airport) opened, the Songshan airport was devoted solely to domestic flights. The airport is located in Songshan district, from where it got its name.

Currently, flights that serve the Jakarta-Taipei route and vice versa can use EVA Air, the recently awarded airlines from Skytrax as the no. 5 Best in the world and No. 1 world airline with the best airport service.

  • Best Hotel

Travelmaker.ID got an exclusive opportunity to see directly the best hotels to perfect your trip in Taipei.

Here are the 4 best hotels in Taipei that are predicted to exist:

  1. Palais de Chine
    This hotel gave the impression of visible luxury right from the first step you made here. Horse sculptures, ancient themed paintings, perfect brown and gold furnishings, a mini-library in every hallway of the hotel and the most remarkable are the award-winning 3 Michelin Le Palais.
  2. Amba Taipei Songshan
    This youth-style hotel is located in Songshan North Road Section 2 of Taipei City, and is a classy inn that has always been the idol of young tourists from different parts of the world. The hotel has a minimalist-style interior with rooms that have a view of Taipei 101 towers and Keelung River. It is also just a 5-minute walk to Raohe Night Market.|

  3. Amba Taipei Ximending
    Besides Amba which located in the Songshan area, this minimalist-style inn also has a similar cool inn in the Ximending area which is one of the elite areas in Taipei. Besides having a casual style room, the hotel also features a restaurant serving delicious food called Chiba Restaurant.
  4. Atami Hotel
    Hotel Atami is the best choice in the Beitou area, the charming Hotel not only has exclusive rooms with Mini Hot Spring in them, but there is also Hot Spring facility which is the main attraction in the area of ​​Beitou.
  5. The Sherwood Taipei
  • Taipei Culinary

As one of the countries that quite thick embrace Chinese culture / Tingkok , it is only natural that culinary in Taiwan is also affected from China. The taste of Adam, spicy and sweet also feels very prominent among the typical street food that can be found in Taipei.

  1. Oyster Mee Sua
  2. Oyster Omelette
  3. Lu Rou Fan
  4. Beef Noodles
  5. Chicken Cutlet
  6. Grilled Squid
  7. Smelly Tofu

    Smelly Tofu

  8. Pearl Milk Tea
  • Landmark Taipei City

As one of the most advanced cities in terms of development, Taipei is ready to pamper the foreign tourists who come. One that is very clear to see is the development and maintenance of typical landmarks of Taipei.

Several landmarks not to be missed during your vacation Taipei include:

  1. Taipei 101
  2. Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall
  3. Presidential Office Building
  4. National Theater
  5. Songshan Ciyou Temple
  6. Guandu Temple (Kuantu Temple)
  7. National Taiwan University
  8. Songshan Cultural and Creative Park
  • Transportation in Taipei

The important thing to consider when visiting a country is the problem of transportation. Visitors definitely want to get the type of transportation that is practical and economical. Especially with the limited knowledge of certain regions of the country. Type of transportation in Taiwan is not much different from in other countries.

  1. THSR (Taiwan High Speed Rail)
  2. MRT (Mass Rapid Trans)
  3. City bus
  4. Tour bus
  5. Taipei Sightseeing Bus

    Taipei Sightseeing Bus Ready to Bring Travelers Enjoy the Beauty of Taipei City

  6. Bike
  7. Taxi

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