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Exclusive : Fresh Culinary as Vacation Excitement in Taipei

written by Admin July 29, 2018
Exclusive : Fresh Culinary as Vacation Excitement in Taipei

Travelers, do you have plans to travel to Taipei? Besides preparing cameras and gadgets to capture your precious time there, make sure you are also prepared for the pretty hot weather in Taipei.

During the summer afternoon (July-September), the average temperature in Taipei can reach 27-32 degrees Celsius. It is almost the same as daytime temperatures in Indonesia, but little bit  different in level of humidity.

Of course thin clothes can be the best choice as your outfit for enjoying Taipei city.

And make sure you are not bothered by this hot weather. Because Taipei has a lot of fresh culinary options that can eliminate your thirst after being tired enough exploring  Taipei.

Here are some of the fresh culinary that is highly recommended for you to try:

  • Brown Sugar Shaved Ice

Brown Sugar Shaved Ice

This ice tastes very refreshing, coupled with red sugar water that has a distinctive sweet sensation. Served in a small bowl and equipped with shaved ice.

In 1 serving of Brown Sugar Shaved Ice is very fit to enjoy after feeling the heat of Taipei city. The price of this one Ice is very affordable for the pockets of tourists and can be found in many places in Taipei.

  • Bubble Tea

KQ Tea One of the Top Bubble Tea Brand in Taiwan

In Indonesia Bubble Tea drink is already very popular. Besides the good looks, this drink also serves a distinctive flavor.

Certainly if you are this kind of drink lovers, you must taste Bubble Tea directly in the origin country.

For your information travelers, that the most famous Bubble Tea in Taipei is KQ-Tea, and this brand has a lot of variants and the price is very affordable.

According to Rina Chen as Marketing Dept. Specialist from May & Mei Food and Beverage International Group which oversees the KQ-Tea brand there are 2 variants of taste that became top seller at KQ-Tea.

“There are two variants of taste that are very popular among the local community of Taipei is Milk Tea with Tapioca Pearl and Formosa Taro Milk Tea with Mini Taro Ball,” explained Rina to Travelmaker.ID.

  • Mango Snowflake

Mango Snowflake Menu Mainstay Smoothie House

Besides pineapple, mango is indeed a national fruit in Taiwan. The flavor of this typical mango fruit is refreshing and usually the size of the fruit is large and the skin is reddish.

Seeing the potential of mangoes that are very interested tourists and local communities, finally now mango formed in such a way as Mango Snowflake.

Mango Snowflake certainly made from fresh mango pieces, shaved ice, mango flavored ice cream and sweetened condensed milk. Only with this blend can create a refreshing Mango Snowflake.

Mango Snowflake Ice with Cream Cheese and Sorbet, Mix Snowflake Ice with Red Beans and Chesnuts, Milk Snowflake Ice with Oolong Tea Jelly and Tapioca Pearl and there are many other variants of this snowflake menu.

To get the freshness of this best snowflake go directly to Smoothie House located at YongKang Street No. 1. 15, Taipei.

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