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Malaysia Launches ESG Certification for Hotels, to Boost Sustainable Tourism in Malaysia

written by Admin June 19, 2024
Malaysia Launches ESG Certification for Hotels, to Boost Sustainable Tourism in Malaysia

The Malaysian hospitality industry took a significant step towards shaping the future of Malaysian tourism with the launch last week of the ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) Certification for hotels and resorts in Pealing Jaya. This pioneering initiative is a collaborative effort between the Malaysian Association of Hotels (MAH), SGS Malaysia and Saimatrix Intergrated.

Endorsed by the Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture (MOTAC), the ESG Certification for Hotels & Resorts provides clear guidelines and a comprehensive, measurable checklist for sustainable tourism practices. By adopting these standards, hotels and resorts can operate in an environmentally responsible, socially equitable, and well-governed manner, aligning with Malaysia’s 2030 vision for sustainable tourism.

“This certification is designed to set a new standard in sustainable practices and become a benchmark within our industry, aligning perfectly with Malaysia’s National Tourism Policy of 2020-2030,” said Datin Christina Toh, president, Malaysian Association of Hotels.

With over 1,000 member hotels, Chritina hopes to inspire properties to adopt the ESG certification for best practice and strengthen Malaysia’s reputation as a leading eco-friendly destination.

The National Tourism Policy (DPN) 2020-2030 aims to revitalise Malaysia’s tourism industry with a focus on Competitiveness, Sustainability and Inclusiveness. Aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDG), this policy seeks to position Malaysia as a top ecotourism destination globally and secure a spot among the world’s top 10 tourism destinations in arrivals and receipts.

Dr Balan Balasundram, managing director of Saimatrix Integrated, explained the process, “We begin with educating all staff and personnel of hotels and resorts on the fundamentals of ESG. We know some hotels have started their own processes, such as energy saving, waste management, etc. We will guide properties to ensure these are aligned with the UNSDGs criteria, tracking their progress and get them ready for certification by SGS Malaysia.” The entire process, he said, will take between eight to 12 months with certification validity of three years.

SGS and MAH will release the cost and training structure at a later date. For now, costs will depend on the number of rooms, categorised into low, medium, and high-capacity hotels.

To support hotels and resorts on this ESG journey, a series of free webinars will be held on July 10-11th and 17-18th. These webinars will provide deeper insight into the certification process, clarify its significance, and demonstrate the tangible benefits of participation.

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