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Hotel New Otani Tokyo and Osaka Offer First-ever BT21-Themed Rooms

written by Admin December 18, 2022
Hotel New Otani Tokyo and Osaka Offer First-ever BT21-Themed Rooms

New Otani Co., Ltd. has announced that it will exclusively offer at its properties, Hotel New Otani Tokyo and Osaka, a limited number of themed rooms in celebration of the 5th anniversary of BT21, the internationally popular character series by LINE FRIENDS. Stays in the BT21 Chill Staycation #Rainbowroom, decorated entirely to present the ambience of the BT21 character universe, will be available as a special package from December 20, 2022, in Tokyo and January 7, 2023, in Osaka, until April 30, 2023, at both locations.


The first-ever BT21-themed stay experience offering “chill staycation”
BT21 is a globally popular character brand by LINE FRIENDS. Since its debut in 2017, it has gained popularity in Japan and around the world. To celebrate the 5th anniversary of this character brand, stay packages in the world’s first BT21-themed guestrooms* will be offered in limited quantity for a limited period at two Hotel New Otani locations, in Tokyo and Osaka.
*According to a survey by New Otani Co., Ltd., as of November 22, 2022


Themed decorations that create the ambience of a hotel stay with UNIVERSTAR BT21
The exclusive decorations cover virtually every surface of the guestroom from the bedroom to bathroom, and guests are greeted by plushies of the characters waiting inside. The room provides plenty of photogenic settings and the chill staycation that BT21 fans had dreamt of.


Exclusive original souvenirs
Guests staying under this package will receive six original amenity items, available nowhere else, that are sure to enrich their stay experience and daily lives.

Original amenity items (One item from each category is offered per guest.)

– Bamboo-handled toothbrush
– Slippers
– Towel (850 cm × 400 cm)
– Re-usable shopping bag
– Sticker
– Acrylic standee
*Designs vary depending on the period.
*Acrylic standee variations are follows.
(1) “Rainbow”
(2) “Garden” *Offered at Hotel New Otani Tokyo only
(3) “Rose Garden

A package plan with original loungewear also available
In addition to the six amenity items, guests may select an upgraded package plan that includes originally designed loungewear made with plush fabric that is perfect to relax and chill in winter.

Original loungewear (one size fits all)
Length (top): 63 cm, shoulder width: 57 cm, sleeve length: 48 cm, chest size: 116 cm
*Height of the model in photo of above URL is 167 cm.
*The loungewear package plan is subject to availability of loungewear.

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