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Make New Memories of Doraemon at Doraemon Exhibition in National Museum of Singapore

written by Admin November 4, 2022
Make New Memories of Doraemon at Doraemon Exhibition in National Museum of Singapore

On November 5, the first Doraemon exhibition outside of Japan, presented by LEYOUKI with support from NMS and DFW Creative Pte. Ltd., will open at the National Museum of Singapore, showing how one of the most beloved Japanese characters came to life in manga and won the hearts of generations of fans worldwide. The multi-sited exhibition explores Doraemon’s past, present, and future through a contemporary art show, a showcase of Mr. Fujiko F Fujio’s original drawings and sketches, a Doraemon-themed cafe, and limited-edition merchandise that encourages visitors to create new memories with the iconic Japanese manga character.

Many of us grew up with Doraemon and still love him. “We are celebrating this beloved character across borders and generations with the first Singapore edition of The Doraemon Exhibition and hope that visitors will be inspired to embark on their own creative journeys as they contemplate their own memories of Doraemon,” says Yuki Imamura, Director of LEYOUKI.

A tribute to the origins of Manga Doraemon

The Doraemon Exhibition will show Doraemon’s humble beginnings as the main character of a Japanese manga series that began in December 1969. After being converted into anime and movies, Fujiko F Fujio, the pen name of Japanese manga artist Hiroshi Fujimoto, became prominent.

The exhibition in Singapore features an exclusive section called MANGA DORAEMON Original Drawings Exhibition, which includes more than 70 drawings and sketches by the late Mr. Fujimoto. This is the first time the original Doraemon creator’s inventive and formative illustrations have been shown outside Japan.

The drawings will take visitors on a journey to explore the beginnings of Doraemon and his friends, as well as the stories behind some of his fascinating gadgets such as the ‘Memory Bread’ and the ‘Lying Mirror’. Visitors can also interact with a reproduction of Mr Fujimoto’s desk in his workroom where he created many of the Doraemon drawings, featuring his drawing tools as well as books and figures.

Doraemon inspiring generations of artists

The Doraemon Exhibition was first held in 2002 with a subsequent 2017 restaging both in Japan. The section titled Create Your Own Original Doraemon features contemporary artworks by 28 leading contemporary Japanese artists and arts groups who were invited to create their own unique version of Doraemon based on their personal memories, and situate the iconic character in today’s changing world. The artworks range from painting and sculptures to graphics and photography.

Two Singaporean artists were commissioned to create Doraemon for the Singapore exhibition. Jahan Loh’s sculpture My Journey with Doraemon, explores teleportation and intergalactic destinations. He imagines using one of Doraemon’s magical devices to use art, science, and technology to explore the dizzying past, present, and future with him. The second work, IMAGINE, by Singaporean photographer Leslie Kee, features Thom Browne’s Fall 2022 collection and nine models from diverse backgrounds. Like Doraemon, the blue-tinted portraits celebrate skin tones’ beauty and seriousness.

Engaging families young and old

In conjunction with the two exhibits, visitors can also expect a Doraemon-themed cafe experience at the Basement Gallery Foyer created in collaboration with Toraya, an esteemed wagashi (raditional Japanese confections) maker with a history of close to 500 years.

For visitors looking to bring home a piece of the exhibition, there will also be an exclusive line- up of Doraemon merchandise from The Doraemon Exhibition and the Fujiko F Fujio Museum, as well as exclusive Doraemon collectibles. These include tote bags, mugs, and stationery items, among others.

The Doraemon Exhibition Singapore 2022 will open to the public from 5 November 2022 to 5 February 2023 from 10am to 7pm daily, with last admission at 6.30pm. Tickets can be purchased at http://www.doraemon-exhibit.sg/tickets. This exhibition is presented by LEYOUKI, with support from the National Museum of Singapore and Singapore Tourism Board.

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