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MPWR Stands for a Brand That Empowers the Digital Generation

written by Admin December 1, 2020
MPWR Stands for a Brand That Empowers the Digital Generation

Who doesn’t want to feel safe and staying well during these uncertain times? Even though uncertainty make us feel powerless and definitely a challenge for us that doesn’t mean we stop and give up. MPWR (read: Empower), as a Digital Telco Lifestyle app is here to empower the digital generation by giving power back to our hands.

MPWR provides convenience to meet all your digital and lifestyle needs in one application including personalized offers carefully picked to suit your interests and lifestyle, simple and transparent data plan, the power to manage usage, and also connecting customers with hundreds of favorite lifestyle brands

As a form of manifestation, MPWR has started off a #IniKekuatanKita campaign that invites the public to show a variety of their activities and their PWR (read: Power) in thousands of compilation videos that successfully take over the most exclusive and most viewed advertising spots online on the main page of YouTube until it becomes a phenomenon that is quite viral on social media.

Not stopping there, MPWR will also give Full PWR to the Digital Generation for their internet usage. In order to fully empower Generation Z, MPWR will provide 3 months of data services for free for the next 3 months for the first 100,000 subscribers who join MPWR in December 2020. These lucky subscribers will enjoy Free Friendly Package for 3 consecutive months.

Customers simply pay an administration fee of Rp1,000 in the first month and top up a minimum of Rp10,000 in the second and third months to continue enjoying the promo. This promo is given as head start for anyone who wants to showcase their power again to welcome the 2021.

Alexander Christian, MPWR Spokesperson said, “MPWR is a telco lifestyle brand that can meet the lifestyle needs of the digital generation by adopting the latest trends in Indonesia. MPWR does not segment users with credit and internet quota packages, we give full power to customers to be able to choose what they want according to their needs, preferences and aspirations.”

MPWR offers a digital lifestyle experience by giving full power in our hands starting from:

  • PWR (read: Power) to get curated daily offers you love and need Customers will be able to get more than thousands promos from hundreds favorite lifestyle brands ranging from music & movies, culinary, games, fashion, beauty, health & sports and gadgets
  • PWR (read: Power) to choose a Simple & transparent data plan Customers can choose the package with normal price and promo quota, including Free calls to fellow MPWR numbers:
  1. Friendly Package with 12GB quota (10GB + 2GB bonus quota) – Rp50,000;
  2. Buddy Package with 23GB quota (18GB + 5GB bonus quota) – Rp75,000;
  3. Bestie Package with 38GB quota (25GB + 13GB bonus quota) – Rp100,000.

There is also one package to access all your favorite apps:

  1. Passion : IDR4,000 for 1GB;
  2. Spirit : IDR10,000 for 3GB Include Access for: WhatsApp, YouTube, Spotify, Instagram, Facebook, Gojek, Joox, Grab, Line, Twitter, Facebook Messenger, Snapchat.
  • PWR (read: Power) to control you quota usage Customers can find out the usage history of daily, weekly quota that can be traced up to 3 months back so customers can re-manage usage according to plan and needs.

To start the digital lifestyle experience with MPWR, simply download the MPWR application in Playstore and Appstore, then choose Your basic package along with your lucky number as desired, make the payment, the SIM card will be delivered nationwide and as early as same day for orders before 12 PM. After receiving the SIM card, customers can activate their number by entering the MPWR application.

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