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Adaptation of Technology & Sanitation in the Luxury Hotels Around The World

written by Admin September 6, 2020
Adaptation of Technology & Sanitation in the Luxury Hotels Around The World

Technology and sanitation are really matter recently, some of luxury hotels around the world have been adapting technology and optimizing sanitation, such as follow

  • Badrutt’s Palace Hotel, Switzerland – 5G

Badrutt’s Palace Hotel and the Badrutt Family had long been recognized as innovators in the hotel industry. It was Johannes Badrutt who implemented in 1879 an electricity plant in St. Moritz and the first electric light in Switzerland illuminated the restaurant of his hotel. Pursuing this pioneer spirit, Badrutt’s Palace partnered with Swisscom to install 5G mobile technology on property, offering a faster and more reliable and powerful network to its guests than ever before – a premiere in the hospitality industry in Europe.

  • Samujana, Thailand – Contactless Service by Portier Phones

At Samujana, social distancing is nothing new, but they are now enforcing stricter policies that include a contactless service by utilising Portier Phones, the property’s guests have always benefited from the notion of ‘so far but yet so close’ via Portier Technologies’ ability to boost contactless service. In that sense, guests can always stay in touch with their villa hosts, and can call them, chat with them and request help or access to on-site services from a single place. This ensures a strong connection between staff and guests, without the need for physical proximity.

  • Pimalai, Thailand – Sterilization Tunnels

Pimalai Resort & Spa has enhanced its hygiene and safety protocols in line with the “new normal” of travel and hospitality. ‘Pimalai Care’ is an initiative that includes innovative measures such as 24-hour vacancy periods between bookings, three disinfection tunnels, ozone sanitisation in the guest rooms and heat cleaning in the kitchens.

  • Chiva-Som, Thailand – Online Wellness Service

Chiva-Som are now offering online wellness services. These services are available via online video call, in which you can interact with a team of wellness advisors, practitioners and experts in some of Chiva-Som’s most popular sessions. Chiva-Som has delivered its proven holistic wellness therapies to guests worldwide for over 25 years. In these challenging times, maintaining physical and mental wellbeing is much needed. The new tele-therapy service at Chiva-Som will connect individuals with the resort’s team to provide bespoke professional support during this time of heightened anxiety and social isolation.

  • White Desert, Antarctica – Pioneering Renewables Technology

Founded by genuine polar explorers in 2005, White Desert continues to expand whilst staying true to their principles of adventure and environmentally responsible travel. White Desert specialises in servicing a rarified niche: Offering its clients unique access to the interior of Antarctica. Partnering with California-based Arctica Solar, they use solar air heaters to warm their pods. This cutting-edge technology enables them to minimise their dependency on fossil fuel.

  • Le Bristol Paris, France – Aquaclean Technology

Le Bristol Paris offers its guests the opportunity to participate in many small initiatives towards the greater good. For this Le Bristol has been awarded the prestigious “Green Globe Certification” and “Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant” (Enterprise of Living Heritage), a French mark of excellence reflecting our social as well as environmental view to the future. Aquaclean technology is a revolutionary treatment that removes stains using just water. It is an advanced protection for the furniture’s fabric. This treatment covers each fiber with an invisible molecular layer that prevents dirt from entering the fabric.

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