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Bir Bintang Brings Virtual Togetherness through #TetapBisa: Sound of Bintang Virtual Karaoke

written by Admin September 4, 2020
Bir Bintang Brings Virtual Togetherness through #TetapBisa: Sound of Bintang Virtual Karaoke

Being isolated during the pandemic might not be easy for a lot of people, especially Indonesians – as togetherness is very deeply rooted in our culture, making isolation even more challenging. Channeling our creativity can become one of the most effective ways to overcome this challenge, and to empower this, Bir Bintang proudly presents #TetapBisa: Sound of Bintang Virtual Karaoke, the largest virtual karaoke competition for singers from all over Indonesia. The event welcomes several popular Indonesian musicians for the participants to sing along with as if they are in a jamming session together.

“Bir Bintang is proud to bring virtual togetherness to all music lovers through #TetapBisa: Sound of Bintang Virtual Karaoke. It does not matter who you are or where you are, Sound of Bintang invites you to take up your phone, sing your heart out, and let your voice shine together with your favorite Indonesian artists,” said Jessica Setiawan, Head of Marketing of Multi Bintang Indonesia. “We encourage everyone to channel their inner singing talent through Sound of Bintang, and there will be special prizes waiting for the winners,” added Jessica.

#TetapBisa: Sound of Bintang Virtual Karaoke is the second of two online platforms launched as part of Bir Bintang’s #TetapBisa and will be available starting 5 September 2020. Through this platform, Bir Bintang brings in popular Indonesian musicians and will publish a video of a different artist every week for four weeks. Participants can then download the video and add their own singing video, creating a collaboration video with the artists, like in a jamming session.

The platform is accessible through https://birbintang.co.id/soundofbintang/, and more details are available on the Instagram accounts of Bir Bintang (@birbintangindonesia) and Sound of Bintang (@soundofbintang). This competition is open to those aged 21 and above.

“Bir Bintang and I share the same vision in bringing joy and giving a sense of togetherness to people, even from our own homes,” said Ari Lesmana, lead vocalist of Fourtwnty. Fourtwnty will be one of the artists in #TetapBisa: Sound of Bintang Virtual Karaoke that participants can sing in collaboration with, along with Ari Lasso, Ten2Five and Iwa K.

Every week, five videos will be selected as the weekly winners, and they will compete in the final round to win a grand prize of the latest Apple Macbook Pro 13”, and other prizes which include an Element FoldX Xlite Damn! I Love Indonesia folding bike and Samsung Galaxy A7.

Announcements of the weekly winners will be published through Instagram Live every two weeks, where participants and others can also enjoy a performance from one of the artists.

Karaoke fever has existed in Indonesia since decades ago. Bir Bintang understands this and therefore Sound of Bintang was conceived back in 2015, and has gained a thriving following from karaoke enthusiasts ever since.

In order to provide a stage for Indonesians to express their love for singing while also meeting the safety standards in the new normal, this year’s Sound of Bintang is hosted virtually on Bir Bintang’s #TetapBisa online platform. The event will focus on bringing the pride of Indonesia, where participants are given a wide range of popular Indonesian songs from all decades and to sing along with their favorite Indonesian artists.

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