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Vietnam Airlines Expands Relationship with Sabre Corporation

written by Admin November 9, 2019
Vietnam Airlines Expands Relationship with Sabre Corporation

Sabre Corporation, the leading technology provider to the global travel industry, today signed a multi-million-dollar agreement with long-standing customer Vietnam Airlines. The carrier will adopt Sabre Revenue Optimizer and SabreSonic Inventory solutions to enable responsive real-time origin & destination (O&D) revenue management. This will further strengthen Vietnam Airlines’ forecasting and inventory control capabilities, helping maximize its revenue and setting the foundation for dynamic offer creation.

The announcement, which was formalized during a signing ceremony attended by Nguyen Xuan Phuc, Prime Minister of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, Wilbur Louis Ross Jr., United States Secretary of Commerce, Duong Tri Thanh, President & CEO, Vietnam Airlines, Cem Tanyel, executive vice president & president, Sabre Airline Solutions, also marked the 10-year anniversary of Vietnam Airlines leveraging the SabreSonic Passenger Service System (PSS) as its core airline platform.

“As the fastest growing flag carrier in Southeast Asia, the agreement allows us to dynamically adapt our approach to changing market conditions thanks to seamless integration across our Sabre solutions, including our SabreSonic PSS,” said Trinh Hong Quang, Executive Vice President, Vietnam Airlines. “The solutions that we’re adopting today further demonstrate our commitment to taking a holistic approach to our forecasting, optimization and inventory management capabilities, which serves our objective to increase revenue while delivering a consistent, end-to-end customer experience. The continued technology partnership with Sabre has supported our ambition to achieve the 5-star status in the future,” he added.

Re-thinking traditional revenue management technology, Revenue Optimizer is at the core of Sabre’s end-to-end offer management strategy. Sabre’s intelligent revenue management solution paired  with its Inventory O&D, incorporates modern, modular system architecture, offering performance that can power near real-time event-driven data processing and optimization. With built-in integration between revenue management, inventory and reservations, these solutions revamp revenue management capabilities for the next generation of industry growth.

Revenue Optimizer is designed to allow airlines to optimize availability by considering relevant data sources and seamlessly integrating across an airline’s commercial planning organization. With the ability to help drive the carrier’s incremental revenue, today’s announcement allows Vietnam Airlines to leverage market-level forecasting, capacity allocation and revenue performance measurement, all using Sabre’s Commercial Platform, an intelligent retailing platform powering the core of Sabre’s offer management solutions.

“Revenue optimization and an offer management strategy are essential to an airline’s continued success, particularly in a market as competitive as the Asia Pacific region,” said Dasha Kuksenko, vice president, regional general manager for airlines, North Asia, Sabre Travel Solutions. “We are pleased to once again deliver intelligent solutions that continue to fuel Vietnam Airlines’ growth and help its teams sharpen their focus on their customers.”

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