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Jakarta Aquarium Welcomes a Visit from The Community of Bantar Gebang Bekasi

written by Admin August 23, 2019

Social activity is a form of concern for a person or group of individuals or other groups that are considered to have limited conditions. These limitations can be limited clothing, food, shelter, and health/physical caused by various conditions. This social activity can be done in various ways by someone or various groups. Through social activities, we are invited to be more sensitive to their circumstances, and support where we can as an individual, group, organization or community.

Jakarta Aquarium Indonesia (JAI) became aware of the wishes and dreams of an amazing individual, Louis Jose Darion Romero, known as Louis, the only son of Romero Hurtado Yuri. The dream is very interesting and selfless, and caught the attention of TV host, Andy Noya, and has been showcased in the TV program Kick Andy‘. A 9-year-old child who has values and hopes, that he wants to share with others and dreamt of being able to invite the grandparents and children, living in the Bantar Gebang landfill area, Bekasi, West Java to have the chance to visit Jakarta Aquarium. This dream became a reality on August 21, 2016, when Jakarta Aquarium welcomed Louis and the grandparents and children of Bantar Gebang, to Jakarta Aquarium.

Upon their arrival at JAI, they were accompanied to Pingoo Restaurant, inside JAI, to enjoy the lunch dishes that had been prepared, whilst interacting with the Humboldt Penguins who are in an enclosure inside the restaurant. After finishing lunch, the children are immediately invited into the Education Classroom to be educated on marine life, through ‘edutainment,’ in the form of games and colouring pictures so that it is fun and easily understood by children. The next activity, they were invited to watch JAI’s resident theatre performance, ‘Pearl of the South Sea, a show that tells the story of a King’s love for his favourite daughter. This story is adapted from folklore located in a Kingdom in the southern part of Java. This is an amazing show, a combination of stage acts, illusion tricks, and amazing underwater dancing. After the show, they are invited to tour the aquarium, with its extensive collection of species, owned by JAI, whilst the Guest Service Agent team of JAI,  delivered a commentary on each of the species.

“With this Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activity, Jakarta Aquarium is very happy to support young Louis, in realizing his dream, by accepting the arrival of the grandparents and young children of Bantar Gebang, without any cost to them. Donations that have already been collected were then used to purchase items, for the daily needs of these deserving people from Bantar Gebang,” commented Will Owens, Director of Jakarta Aquarium.

Jakarta Aquarium is located in the centre of the shopping area of West Jakarta, in Neo Soho Mall, LGM-LG Floor, Jl. Letjen. S. Parman Kav. 28 Jakarta 11470. Jakarta Aquarium is a collaboration between Taman Safari Indonesia, and Aquaria KLCC, Malaysia, with a focus on ‘edutainment’ for all the family. We pride ourselves on being a centre focusing on conservation and preservation. Jakarta Aquarium presents the concept of a holiday in nature, displaying the beauty and diversity of Indonesian waters. We take you on a journey from soothing to romantic to adventure. Something for everyone. Jakarta Aquarium is known for its range of underwater animals and renowned for its many varied zones which transport our guests into different regions and continents. It has an area of 7,200 m2 with 3598 animals and 354 species.

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