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Eric Frechon & Le Bristol Paris Celebrate 20 Years and 3 Michelin Stars

written by Admin February 17, 2019
Eric Frechon & Le Bristol Paris Celebrate 20 Years and 3 Michelin Stars

Eric Frechon celebrates 20 years at Le Bristol Paris, and 10 years holding three Michelin stars. In 1999, Eric Frechon took the helm of Le Bristol Paris’s kitchens, by 2009 he had earned three Michelin stars for Epicure and he has never let them go. This year the great chef and the legendary palace celebrate an exceptional double anniversary: ​​Eric Frechon’s 20th year at 112, rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré and a decade holding three stars in the prestigious Michelin Guide.

The names Le Bristol and Frechon are inextricably linked

The two names share twenty years of combined brilliance for gastronomy and hospitality. Le Bristol and Frechon’s famous relationship is founded on their shared passion for craftsmanship, they have never been diverted by the siren call of fashion, never capricious in their response. Their philosophy is to achieve goals over time through excellence.

Frechon’s patience and pursuit of excellence is symbolised by his recent championing of pure natural bread, seeking out authentic heritage grains and introducing a mill beneath the Parisian palace. Equally representative is Frechon’s famous Poularde de Bresse Cuite en Vessie, an icon of Epicure. It is extremely rare to see this dish on any menu, requiring high skill, patience, and the finest ingredients, all of which is possible for Frechon at Le Bristol Paris.

A petite histoire

Eric Frechon became chef at Le Bristol in 1999 after practicing his métier in the best houses. Notably he was sous-chef to Christian Constant at Le Crillon, where he earnt the title of Meilleur Ouvrier de France (Best Craftsman of France). He won acclaim for his bistro at the Buttes-Chaumont, where he had worked as commis chef in 1982. In his first year at Le Bristol Paris Frechon also earnt his first Michelin star, by 2009 he held three, which he has never relinquished, and was decorated with the Légion d’Honneur. When 114 Faubourg opened at Le Bristol Paris in 2013, guided by Frechon, it was immediately awarded a Michelin star.

Under the helm of this modest culinary genius, craftsman, team leader and insatiable creator, Le Bristol has risen to the status of one the world’s great bastions of gastronomy.

A decade at the summit

After winning Michelin’s highest distinction in just a few seasons, Frechon now celebrates ten years as a three-star chef, joining an exclusive club of the greatest names in gastronomy. A fitting reward for Frechon’s constancy, his search for originality without ever being ostentatious, and a cuisine that has expanded the great French repertoire.

Frechon’s culinary philosophy is excellence in ingredients and skill; his ambition is simple to offer pleasure, appetite and impeccable flavours.

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