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Spa Le Bristol by La Prairie Launches Mindful Spa Treatment

written by Admin January 28, 2019
Spa Le Bristol by La Prairie Launches Mindful Spa Treatment

Le Bristol Paris, part of the exclusive Oetker Collection, introduces three new mindful spa treatments to meet guests’ quest for calm. Everything at Le Bristol is designed to offer moments of absolute pleasure, today Spa Le Bristol by La Prairie offers guests three new routes to inner peace with Reiki, Sophrology and Meditation sessions.

Reiki, the ancient Japanese holistic method, channels the practitioner’s energy to relax muscles, eliminate toxins and rebalance chakras. The results are peace and harmony for body and mind. Sophrology is dynamic relaxation, with guided breathing exercises and gentle movements. You virtually inhale calmness, the result is an alert mind and looser body.

Meditation sessions are conducted with views over Le Bristol’s fresh green gardens. A soft and enveloping voice guides you to a state of deep relaxation. Marine D’Aguanno, Director of the Spa says, “In a Palace hotel entirely dedicated to pleasure and well-being, it was natural to propose these unique sessions in our Spa, based on perfectly mastered techniques, allowing one to achieve precious calm in the centre of the city.”

  • Reiki Session
    55 / 85 MIN | 200 € / 260 €

“ReiKi is a hands on relaxation technique in which the practitioner transfers healing energy to eliminate toxins and stimulate blood circulation. The effect is to alleviate stress and fatigue, producing a feeling of body-mind harmony and serenity. Practiced regularly, ReiKi is a precious resource for quickly recharging your batteries. You will remain dressed, lying comfortably on a massage table lulled by soft music.

  • Sophrology Session
    55 / 85 MIN | 200 € / 260 €

Sophrology is a new approach to dynamic relaxation; your therapist guides you through a combination of breathing practices, soothing visualisation, and tense and release movements focused on different parts of your body. The aim is to regulate thoughts and enhance one’s physical and psychological balance for an alert mind and relaxed body.

  • Meditation Session
    55 / 85 MIN | 200 € / 260 €

Move closer to inner peace by emptying your mind and releasing the stress of daily life. The treatment room looks out onto the fresh green of Le Bristol’s garden, let yourself be transported by a soft and enveloping voice to a state of deep relaxation. Studies show that meditation has many measurable psychological and physiological benefits.

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