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Exclusive : Getting to Know Taipei, The More Friendly Destination to Muslim Travelers

written by Admin August 12, 2018
Exclusive : Getting to Know Taipei, The More Friendly Destination to Muslim Travelers

The world  Muslim tourism rating agency, Mastercard-CrescentRating has released the results of the Global Muslim Travel Index (GMTI) for 2018. Besides ensuring Malaysia which come out as the winner of world halal tourism index for eight years in a row, it is also shows the achievement of Indonesia  which upgrade its level to the second place along with Uni Emirat Arab.

The other thing that interesting as well is Taiwan which is able to continue improving their overall position with an average GMTI score as a tourist destination in the Asian region that attracts Muslim travelers from all over the world, followed by Europe afterwards.

And, Taiwan’s seriousness in packing halal tourism in its country not only a fiction. As a proof, Travelmaker.ID has seen firsthand the seriousness of the Taiwanese government in packing halal tours during a visit to Taipei to meet the invitation of the famtrip media held by Fun Taipei, recently.

Flights, hotel/accomodation, tourist destinations to culinary delights and typical souvenirs of Taipei have packed their products with a halal touch in order to spoil Muslim travelers visiting Taipei.

Speaking about Muslim travelers travel in Taipei, it is currently recognized by the Taipei tourism representative (Interplan International Corp.) targeting Muslim tourists from the Middle East and Indonesia as potential markets.

“Our government is quite optimistic to develop halal tourism bigger than before. Many things have been prepared by Taiwan and Taipei especially to be ready to welcome the presence of world Muslim tourists. The main target of Taipei is tourist from Middle East and Indonesia, “said Bella Cheng as Project Manager of Interplan International Corp. who represented the Taipei Tourism Office and accompanied throughout the Famtrip Media activities.

For travelers Muslims from Indonesia do not need to worry about enjoying halal tourism in Taipei, because Travelmaker.ID has prepared various information related to halal tourism in Taipei exclusively for you:


  • Flight

Fly using EVA Air, which is ranked the 5th best airline in the world in 2018 and is an airline with the world’s best  airport service version of Skytrax in 2018, from Jakarta (Soekarno-Hatta International Airport) with direct flights to Taipei (International Airport Touyuan).

Direct flight Jakarta-Taipei route is taken within 5 hours and this flight is very pampering for Muslim tourists because there is a Muslim Special Food Menu on this premium flight. Travelers can request it when making an order.

And travelers when landing at Touyuan International Airport, you can also  have  praying first. Because this Taiwan airport has provided many Praying Room / Musholla facilities for anyone who wants to pray.

  • Hotel/Accomodation

Not a few lodgings in Taipei that have provided good facilities for Muslim travelers. Like for example, now it’s not unusual anymore if you find the complete praying stuff and the Koran, even the Taipei Praying schedule is available in every room you order.

Some Muslim-friendly tourist hotels in Taipei are recommended by Travelmaker.ID, including:

Palais de Chine located in Chengde Road No. 3, Section 1, Datong District, Taipei City, Taiwan.

This hotel gives the luxurious impression right at the first step of yours. Horse sculptures, ancient themed paintings, brown and gold furniture that blends perfectly, mini-galleries in each of the hotel aisles and the most amazing is the award-winning 3-star Michelin Le Palais restaurant.

amba Taipei Ximending located in Wanhua District, Section 2, Wuchang St, 77, Taipei City, Taiwan.

Besides Amba which is located in the Songshan area, this minimalist-style inn also has similar cool lodging in the Ximending area which is one of the elite areas in Taipei. Besides having a casual style room, the hotel is also equipped with a restaurant that serves delicious food called Chiba Restaurant.

amba Taipei Songshan located on No. Civic Blvd 8, Section 7, Nangang District, Taipei City, Taiwan.

This youth-style hotel is located in Songshan North Road Section 2, Taipei City, and is a classy inn that  always be an idol of young tourists from various parts of the world. The hotel has a minimalist style interior with rooms that have a view of the Taipei 101 and Keelung Rivers. This inn is also just a 5-minute walk to Raohe Night Market.

Atami Hotel Beitou located in Guangming Road No. 258, Beitou District, Taipei City, Taiwan.

Atami Hotel is the best choice in the Beitou area, interestingly this hotel not only has exclusive rooms with mini hot spring inside, but there is also a larger Hot Spring facility on the ground floor of the hotel which is indeed the main attraction in this Beitou area. Hot Spring is separated between men and women so it is suitable for Muslim travelers who want to enjoy the sensation of hot springs here.

The Sherwood Taipei located in Section 3, Minsheng East Road No. 111, Songshan District, Taipei City, Taiwan.

The Sherwood Taipei is one of the 5-star hotels in Taipei that serves quality services for Muslim travelers. Halal menus are available for all Muslim travelers who stay at this hotel. Plus this hotel provides facilities that will make anyone feel comfortable in long term stay.

These 5 hotels have been proven to be able to provide facilities that greatly facilitate Muslims travelers  from various countries can enjoy a vacation without having to leave their worship.

  • Travel Destinations

Travel destinations in Taipei are varied and diverse, almost all of them are friendly to Muslim travelers. But if you want to take a look closer at the development of Islam in Taipei, travelers can visit:

Taipei Grand Mosque (Da’an) located in Section 2, South Sinsheng Road No. 62, Da’an District, Taipei City, Taiwan.

Heading to Taipei Grand Mosque travelers can take the MRT on the Red Line Da’an Park Station then exit the exit 2 through Da’an Park behind the station, the position of the mosque is on the west side of this magnificent park.

Interestingly right next to the mosque there is a canteen-like place and before or after Friday Prayers (Friday prayers at 12.00) many people sell fresh meat, Muslim clothes or Halal food.

Yes, many halal foods are available, such as nasi kebab, goat curry, curry chicken or just chicken that is cooked and ready to eat.

Taipei Cultural Mosque located in Lane 25 Section 1, Xinhai Road No. 3, ZhongZheng District, Taipei City, Taiwan.

Go to Taipei Cultural Mosque travelers get Taipower Building Green Line (TaiTianTaLou) Exit exit 1 then walk straight from the exit about 100 meters and the mosque is on the right after Indonesian restaurant ‘Sakura’

This mosque is not as big as the Taipei Grand Mosque and it is a little hidden so it is not too visible from the streets, you can see the inscription / sign to find out which way to go to this mosque. Or travelers can search for the ‘Sakura’ shop first so it’s easier to go to the mosque because the entrance to the mosque is a small street next to this ‘Sakura’ shop.

  • Halal Cuisine

As Taiwan develops as one of the countries that provides the best services for Muslim travelers, certainly halal culinary is one of the main highlights in order to make travelers Muslims from around the world happy and have the opportunity to enjoy local culinary flavors in a halal version.

Now, there are many restaurants that provide halal culinary especially in Taipei city. Here are some halal restaurants recommended by Travelmaker.ID:

Chiba Restaurant located in Taipei Ximending amba in Wanhua District, Section 2, Wuchang St, 77, Taipei City. There are a lot of delicious food at Chiba Restaurant such as Steak Beef and Corn Soup which is very appetizing plus refreshing drinks mixed directly in the bar located right in the middle of the restaurant.

And what you should not miss is tasting the ‘Apple Pie and Vanilla Ice Cream’ which tastes sensational and is very good to eat after taking a walk around Taipei city. The tips for enjoying this culinary are eating together between the refreshing Vanilla Ice Cream and the Apple Pie which is still warm, an extraordinary flavor will appear.

One thing that draws attention from this restaurant besides its food is its interior design which uses recycled objects or used goods which are formed into instagramble photo spots for travelers visiting.

Chang’s Beef Noodle Shop located at Yanping South Road No. 21, Zhongzheng District, Taipei City, Taiwan. This simple restaurant has delicious Beef Noodle, this culinary is one way for Muslim travelers to enjoy the taste of local cuisine. Moreover, this culinary, using noodles made by restaurant owners.

Yunus Halal Thai Restaurant is located in Beining Road No. 36, Songshan District, Taipei City, Taiwan. This restaurant serves typical Thai cuisine that is still quite similar to the taste of Indonesian cuisine. This restaurant can be a solution for Muslim travelers who want to enjoy spicy, sweet, sour dishes that can be eaten with warm white rice.

This restaurant turned out to be very popular for Indonesian celebrities and even the country’s leaders who visited Taipei. It is proved by Yunus who is the owner of this restaurant with his photos with famous figures from this country displayed near his cashier’s desk.

  • Souvenirs

Enjoying tourism in Taipei will not be complete if you do not bring home special souvenirs for family and friends  at  your home country. There are some souvenirs that you can take home and are typical souvenirs of Taipei including:

-Pineapple and Mango Cake

Pineapple and Mango are the two most popular fruits in Taipei. So, it is not surprising that finally these 2 fruits were used as raw material for making special Taipei cake. You can buy Pineapple and Mango Cake at Sunmerry which is located at Section 2, Xinyi Road No. 186, Da’an District, Taipei City.

-Nougat Cracker

Nougat Cracker is also one of Taipei’s special souvenirs that you can buy and bring back to your home country. This gift is very easy to make and the ingredients are also simple but it tastes very good. You can also get this Nougat Cracker in Sunmerry having its address at Section 2, Xinyi Road No. 186, Da’an District, Taipei City.

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