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Jakarnaval 2018: Jakarta People’s Party for Indonesia, Asia and the World

written by Admin July 9, 2018
Jakarnaval 2018: Jakarta People’s Party for Indonesia, Asia and the World

The Jakarnaval 2018 will be held again this year to celebrate the 491st Anniversary of Jakarta. Taking different theme from last years, this year event will not show-off lined-up of arts & cultures from every Provinces in Indonesia, but mainly focus to promote the potention of sporting disciplines from Indonesia, to welcome the upcoming Sporting Events: Asian Games XVIII and Asian Para Games III 2018. Governor od Jakarta, Anies Baswedan, will be officially opened the Jakarnaval 2018 in front of Balaikota Jakarta, on Sunday (8/7).

Governor Anies has expressed hope that Jakarnaval would not only be the symbol of Jakarta’s Anniversary commemoration, but also present the great image of Jakarta that can be proud of, to the worldwide. “Asian Games 2018 is also opportunity for us to remind and self-reflected the importance of nation unity. Sports will always be a good instrument to unite the nations; as we can see in every international sport tournament. This is a good momentum for people of Jakarta, and of course Indonesia, to unite in diversity, to conquer an achievement, to show and keep the reputation as a good host for Asian Games and Asian Para Games,” said Governor Anies.

Representatives of Department for Tourism and Culture said that Jakarnaval 2018 will show the city’s readiness to host 2 (two) Largest Sporting Events this year. “With theme “The Spirit of Jakarta”, Jakarnaval 2018 is the reflection of Jakarta’s enthusiasm and readiness to host Asian Games and Asian Para Games 2018. We are ready to be the Host for those two Sporting Events.”

The Jakarnaval 2018 will be held on Sunday, July 8, 2018, from 3.30 p.m. to 6.00 p.m. On its 19th annual event, it brings more than 4.000 artists and performers to the parade; Beside the art & cultural carnival, a car-parade from communities and institutions brim over with loud music, dancing and cheering; this year’s main attraction is the march of National Flags from 45 country-participants of Asian Games, accompany by Abang-None Jakarta.

Participant of the Parade will be divided into 2 (two) groups, each group takes different route. The first group will be lined up in front of Balaikota, start walking to Arjuna Wijaya Statue and walk past the RRI Office, and end walking in west-side of Silang Monas. For the second group, the car-parade, will start in front of Balaikota to the Arjuna Wijaya Statue, walk past the RRI Office, to the end route in Harmoni. The Parade will be officially opened by Governor of Jakarta, Anies Baswedan.

After the Parade, the celebration will continue with numerous performances from Indonesia’s Top Entertainers in Monas, such as The Dance Company, Rizky Febian, Siti Badriah, Dipha Barus, Budi Doremi, NAFF, and many more.

The event itself will also be attended by Ambassadors from Asian Games 2018 and Asian Para Games 2018 countries; Governor and Vice Governor of Jakarta, Mayors and Regents of DKI Jakarta, Chairman of INASGOC, Chairman of INAPGOC, and other related public figures.

Branding of Pesona Indonesia, Wonderful Indonesia and Enjoy Jakarta

Thousands of peoples are watched the carnival with enthusiasm. They packed the side of the road to watch the accompaniment of carnival participants starting from Jalan Medan Merdeka Barat or front of Town Hall, then around Arjuna Wijaya Statue and Sapta Pesona Building then past RRI Office, and ending on the West side of Monas.

The event begins with a performance of ‘bambu gila’ or crazy bamboo typical of Betawi to sterilize the street from a crowd of spectators in front of the VIP stage. Then followed by the attraction of motorcycles by the Department of Transportation of DKI Jakarta, as well as the appearance of the ‘Abang & None’, Ondel-ondel, Topeng Dance, martial arts, Reog Ponorogo, Barongsai, Jatilan, and motorcade of ornamental vehicles.

This event is also a part of branding Pesona Indonesia as a national tourism brand and Enjoy Jakarta as a destination branding or as a co-branding of Wonderful Indonesia and Pesona Indonesia.

Tourism Jakarta (Great Jakarta) developed as a marine tourism destination (marine tourism) world class. The government has set the Thousand Islands area of ​​North Jakarta as one of 10 priority destinations developed into ‘Bali Baru’ in order to support the target of 20 million foreign tourists visit in 2019.

Nationally, the three main destinations of Great Jakara, Great Bali and Great Batam contributed up to 95% of the total number of foreign tourists visiting Indonesia which in 2017 amounted to 14.2 million and this year targeted 17 million foreign tourists. Last year Great Bali contributed 45%, Great Jakarta 30%, and Great Batam 20%

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