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Strongbow Brings Unique Experience to Refresh Your Activity

written by Admin April 15, 2019
Strongbow Brings Unique Experience to Refresh Your Activity

In this fast-paced urban life it is easy to be carried away by hectic routines, stress, and overwhelming pressure. Bali, The Island of Gods is a main destination for many people to take a break and relax for a while. That’s why Strongbow, the world’s leading apple ciders is now available at The Island of God.

“The beautiful of Bali Island, both beach or other sightseeing, is the perfect place to take a break. With our natural apple cider, Strongbow is a perfect complementary during holiday and allow people to enjoy their time with closed ones,” says Mariska Van Drooge, Marketing Director PT Multi Bintang Indonesia Niaga.

Made from real apples from the orchards of Great Britain, Strongbow apple cider is an alcoholic drink with more than 25% juice concentrate & 4.5% natural fermentation that brings a refreshingly sweet and crisp taste that can be enjoyed by both female and male consumers. In Indonesia, Strongbow is available in two flavors, Golden Apple and the new variant Dark Fruit.

In the spirit of bringing the natural freshness into everyday life, Strongbow previously launched the Strongbow et Jeffry Tan Capsule Collection, which was a collaboration with one of Indonesia’s leading designers, Jeffry Tan, presenting collections that suit the needs of urban women. This collaboration shows that nature and urban life can co-exist in a unique and simple way, which translates into white nuance design to highlight the natural freshness of Strongbow Golden Apple, and shades of burgundy and blue to represent Strongbow Dark Fruit.

Strongbow can easily be found in Bali cafes and supermarkets, making it easy to be the perfect complement for urbanites on the Island of the Gods.

“We believe that urbanites do not need to travel far to be refreshed by nature as Strongbow brings the taste of nature to the Island of Gods. Simply enjoy the holiday while watching the sunset or beautiful scenery accompanied by a glass of Strongbow Apple Ciders,” closes Mariska.

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