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Bangka 2019 Culture Wave Festival Show Variety of Multi Ethnic Cultural Attractiveness

written by Admin March 29, 2019
Bangka 2019 Culture Wave Festival Show Variety of Multi Ethnic Cultural Attractiveness

The wave of multi-ethnic cultures such as Malay, Chinese, Dutch, Javanese, Arabic, and various ethnic groups in other countries that lasted centuries made the people of Bangka Island, Bangka Belitung Province (Babel) have a unique culture. The uniqueness of the multiethnic culture of the Bangka community will be displayed in the 2019 Bangka Cultural Wave Festival (BCWF) event which will take place at De’Locomotief, Tonaci Tourism Beach, Sungailiat, Bangka, on 2-7 April 2019.

The BCWF 2019 presentation with the theme ‘Home Coming’ will feature a variety of cultures in the form of music and dance performances from various regions of the archipelago to foreign countries. During one week of the festival 7 main activities are displayed, namely; Bangka Wave Carnival; Bangka Ethnik Wave Permormance Festival; Bangka Ethnic Music Festival; and Bangka Art Wave.

In addition various competitions were also held, among others; Barongsai competitions, sport fance competitions, regional song creation competitions, traditional dance creations, beach sand creations, children’s painting competitions, Princess Locomotive elections, blog videos, photography, mahjong and Chinese chess. Workshops and bazaars and local performances were also held, among others; Nganggung with tudong Saji; live collaboration of painting from various types of flow; traditional archipelago dance and music collaboration; Chinese Colosal Threatical and live culinary demo.

Minister of Tourism (Menpar) Arief Yahya appreciates the implementation of BCWF 2019 as an effort to preserve and develop culture as a tourist attraction while promoting and increasing tourist visits to Bangka Island which last year reached 75,000 tourists.

Menpar Arief Yahya explained that organizing the event would improve the economy and the index of happiness of the people while strengthening the elements of 3A (access, amenities, attractions) as well as the most important element of CEO Commitment.

“Bangka Island plans to have 2 Special Economic Zones (SEZ) tourism in Tanjung Gunung, Central Bangka Regency and East Coast Sungailiat, Bangka Regency. The progress of 2 SEZs as a world class destination cannot be separated from the CEO Commitment, “said Minister of Tourism Arief Yahya.

The plan is for the two SEZs in Bangka and Central Bangka, according to the Menpar, in Tanjung Gunung to support MICE (Meeting, Incentive, Convention and Exhibition) tourism while in the Sungailiat East Coast for sports tourism and culture. However, the existence of these two SEZs is also in order to strengthen marine tourism as an advantage of Bangka Island tourism.

The same thing was conveyed by the Multicultural Expert Staff, Esthy Reko Astuti, who on the occasion represented the presence of the Minister of Tourism. According to him, Bangka Culture Wave Festival and Sungailiat Triathlon are the momentum to introduce and promote Bangka tourism for tourists. By packaging these activities in the form of festivals, it means packaging various attractions in Bangka in an attractive package.

“We hope that the holding of BCWF and Sungailiat Triathlon in Bangka can attract more tourists. We want Bangka to be better known, as well as Belitung whose name has been known thanks to its location used in a Laskar Pelangi film. “We want the same thing to happen in Bangka, which is increasingly known to the public, especially in terms of tourist attraction,” continued Esthy.

Still on the same occasion, Bangka Regent, Mulkan explained, BCW Festival 2019 as a continuation of last year’s BCWF was expected to increase tourist visits to Bangka Island. “The location of the BCW 2019 Festival is very close to Depati Amir Airport in Pangkal Pinang, only about an hour by land vehicles so that it will attract visitors,” Mulkan said.

The implementation of the 2019 BCW Festival in the exotic coastal area and many accommodation options is the main attraction for tourists. In the implementation of BWCF this year the organizing committee targeted 5,000 foreign tourists (foreign tourists), and 50,000 domestic tourists (wisnus), while last year it managed to attract 1,500 foreign tourists and 30,000 tourists.

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