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Ayodya Resort Bali Welcomes New Years with 13 Days Beach Party

written by Admin December 6, 2018
Ayodya Resort Bali Welcomes New Years with 13 Days Beach Party

To welcome in the holiday season and to get into the festive spirit, this year Ayodya Resort Bali will be celebrating with 13 days of festivities, spanning from 20th December 2018 until 1st Jan 2019. 

The signature celebration, aptly namedBig Shots’, is anticipated to be the biggest and longest-running festive celebration in Bali, with 13 days of parties, events and performances. The multi-day event will be taking place at Ayodya Beach Club & Grill at Ayodya Resort Bali, one of the island’s top rated 5 star hotels, located just 25 minutes from Bali’s Ngurah Rai International Airport. 

The Big Shots celebration will see a variety of live bands and DJs performing on each day of the 13-day event. Each headline act will hold its own theme, including Blues Night, Punk & Soul, Merinding Disco, Reggae Night, The Beatles Night, School of Rock, Rockabilly Party, Marvel Night and many more. On New Year’s Eve, the main event will see the Big Shots’ pinnacle New Year celebration, followed by a Chill Out Party in the New Year. 

The Big Shots talent lineup consists of both international and local DJs, featuring Andreas Seider, NDNR, Raysoo, Rick Simora, Adam Dado, Wisdy, Angga, Ditso, Shany Chiang and more, as well as live band performances from Devildice, The Hydrant, Crazy Horse, Facebeat, Soulbross, Diana Rosa and The Comrades. 

The bands and DJs have been gearing up to deliver enormous, energetic performances, soulful vocals, and catchy, synchronized melodies, performed beside Ayodya Resort Bali’s breathtaking landscapes and golden sandy beach. Set to be the longest and most happening party in the island, Big Shots will welcome both Bali’s partygoers and music enthusiasts alike. 

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