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PHM Hospitality to Launch its First Initiative in Environment, Music, Lifestyle, Art & Culture Across 11 of its Properties

written by Admin October 4, 2018

In sync with their mission of providing connection value  between human, environment and the power of nature to uplift the spirit for a  harmonious and better life, PHM Hospitality (PHM) will officially launched OCTOBART on 12 October at their Corporate Head Quarter in Jakarta.

OCTOBART will be a sequence of PHM events that will take place during October 2018 and is marked by the launch of the event by all hotels under the management of PHM Hospitality. The OCTOBART program will have diverse themes and concepts that bringing together of art, culture, creativity and lifestyle in each of totaling eleven properties PHM
Hospitality across Indonesia. PHM Hospitality has plans in the pipeline to achieve 45 managed properties by 2025.

Mrs. Mira Boma as PHM Hospitality President Director said, “This is a special program initiated by PHM that focuses on supporting the ever-changing lifestyle needs of communities in Indonesia. Although PHM Hospitality can be considered young among corporations, its ability to deliver consistency and quality have proven that our company
is able to accommodate those changes and is now one of the references for lifestyle and trendsetter for all platforms in hospitality services.”

“As more and more Indonesians are becoming a global citizen, their demand for the right to choose and extending the value of their disposable incomes makes way for a convenient and revolutionized way of obtaining their lifestyle needs and wants. We have chosen art, culture, sports, music and environment as our initiative because we believe they give
additional value to a person’s life. We are in this business to craft more smiles and this is the way we do it,” she added.

OCTOBART will kick-off at the eleven PHM Hotels & Resorts on Friday, October 12th, 2018.

The following are the activities which may be chosen by guests in every destination that PHM Hotels & Resorts are located:

– THE 1O1 Yogyakarta Tugu
Klangenan 1O1. Worth to watch, an innovative collaboration of music performance of Javanese traditional Keroncong music show and Disk Jockey while enjoying the buffet dinner with traditional cuisine at Pool Terrace.
Find out more : http://phm-hotels.com/the1o1hotels/hotel/yogyakartatugu/

– THE 1O1 Bogor Suryakancana
The Coffee and Sketching Philosophy. Releasing stress by drinking delicious coffee while finding inner peace by doing own sketches, a combination of mind and soul tranquility.
Find out more : https://booking.phm-hotels.com/60/the-1o1-bogorsuryakancana

– THE 1O1 Bandung Dago
Damn I Love My Own Artsy Dessert. Being Mothers, they always want to please their children. What a better way to create own artsy pudding and roll cake with batik design while at the same time learn to be a ‘cake’preneur.
Find out more : http://phm-hotels.com/the1o1hotels/hotel/bandungdago/

– THE 1O1 Palembang Rajawali
The History and The Making of Palembang Batik. The existence of Palembang batik is starting to scarce. What a better way to learn the history of batik and ‘make-your-own’ Palembang jumputan, history in the making.
Find out more : http://phmhotels.com/the1o1hotels/hotel/palembangrajawali/

– THE 1O1 Malang OJ
Avocado Art. Avocado is one of the healthiest vegetables and also known as an alligator pear or butter fruit. Guests may learn how to create their own main course dishes, desserts and beverages with avocado based.
Find out more : http://phmhotels.com/the1o1hotels/hotel/malangoj/

– THE 1O1 Jakarta Sedayu Dharmawangsa
Craft Beer and Indonesian Cuisine Art Pairing. Sipping craft beer and pairing it with Indonesian cuisine, while doodling it which will make it more fun and stress free.
Find out more : http://phmhotels.com/the1o1hotels/hotel/jakartasedayudarmawangsa/

– THE HAVEN Bali Seminyak
The Balinese Culture and Art. Showcasing various Balinese culture from traditional Balinese fine art, presenting charcoal painting, watercolor painting, live drawing and weaving. A complete session not to be missed.
Find out more : http://phm-hotels.com/thehavenhotels/baliseminyak/

– THE HAVEN Suites Bali Berawa
The Beauty of Diversity. Showcasing the beauty of Indonesian diversity through its fashion show by the beach using traditional Indonesian clothe during the sunset. Not to forget live sketching, photography and art market. Definitely worth to join.
Find out more : https://phm-hotels.com/thehavenhotels/id/hotel/bali-berawa/

– Fontana Hotel Bali, a PHM Collection
Traditional Night mARTket. A fun evening presenting street market by featuring traditional cultural activities; rindik (Balinese traditional music), barong bangkung show (ngelawang). Mural live show, face painting & photography exhibition. Market of handicraft, beachwear, trinkets and Balinese traditional sweets.
Find out more : http://phmhotels.com/phmcollectionhotels/hotel/fontanabali/

– FRii Bali Echo Beach
Latte Art 101 & Emocao Coffee Testing. Make your own latte art and coffee tasting from different type of coffee beans. Which coffee beans would you prefer?
Find out more : http://phm-hotels.com/friihotels/

– THE BnB Jakarta Kelapa Gading
The Power of Art. Showcasing mural in the hotel and the art of photography.
Find out more : http://phm-hotels.com/thebnbhotels/

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