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First in Indonesia, Akulaku Indonesia Launched HARPITNAS Program

written by Admin August 23, 2018

Today, Akulaku, an e-commerce platform which allows users to shop by using installment, without having the need to own a credit card, proudly launches its HARPITNAS program for the very first time in Indonesia. HARPITNAS which stands for ‘Hari Pesta Kredit Nasional’ (National Installment Festival Day) is an annual shopping festival that provides various best offers by using installment payment method. Marking its first launch, the program period will be held from September 1st to September 11th, 2018. With different themes each year, HARPITNAS adopts its theme Rp. 1000 Dapat Semua (Get Everything with just Rp.1000) this year.

Celebrating this program to its peak, Akulaku offers special promos on its mobile application and provides cash compensation up to Rp.888.000 for users who are rejected on their installment applications. Moreover, Akulaku provides a spectacular offer Rp. 1000 Dapat Semua (Get Everything with just Rp.1000) which enables users to purchase various items with a down payment of Rp.1000, Rp.1000 of installment per day, and items with unbelievable prices sold at Rp.1000. For its mobile application, the period of this special offer will be from September 1-3, 2018. Nevertheless, this amazing promo will continue on its mobile application and all online merchants listed as Akulaku’s official partners from September 4-11, 2018.

“As a pioneer of virtual installment and the most popular financial application in Indonesia, we hope that HARPITNAS initiated by Akulaku can push and improve national purchasing power in Indonesia” said William Li, CEO and founder of Akulaku, on a press conference held at Main Atrium, Gandaria City Mall on August 23rd, 2018. In addition, Akulaku wants to create cashless lifestyle in Indonesian societies and to complete people’s needs. Therefore, on this special occasion, Akulaku also launches Akulaku Pay Offline which is the newest feature that enables users to make installment without a credit card more easily when shopping at offline merchants. This feature with its scan-barcode system can only be used at offline merchants listed as Akulaku’s official partners. Furthermore, William Li also hopes that the presence of Akulaku can change perception in society that views loans only for people who do not have money. In reality, loans or installment should be used by everyone to support cash flow and to make financial matters easier.

On this special program at Gandaria City, Akulaku invites visitors to participate in fun activities such as Akuhunt, Akushakeit, Akugift and Akulelang that will surprise everyone with many special gifts and prizes. There will also be amazing performances from Maliq & D’Essentials, HIVI, The Extralarge and famous content creators such as Rangga Moela and Ayla Dimitri.

“We would like to thank people in Indonesia for their positive responses, particularly to our users who purchased items and tried our services. Akulaku has successfully gained 15 million users. Moving forward, we are committed to improve our service and provide more features so that Akulaku can be used by everyone as an installment channel on daily basis transactions.” added Martha Adlina, The Commisioner of Akulaku Indonesia.

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